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The Beijing Shenmo Education Institution was established in 1998. With thoroughly implementing quality education as the running principle, Shenmo focuses on the cultivation of moral education and the ability to learn, with the purpose of enlightening children’s nature by means of “Happy Education”. 

benefits of abacus

Helps in the Intellectual Development of Children There are two hemispheres of the brain; the left and right, governing different functions. In Abacus training, the left brain perceives the numbers and the right brain performs the Abacus calculation and sends the results out from the left brain. Hence, Abacus training engages and activates the right brain which is rarely used, resulting in a more balanced development of both hemispheres of the brain. People with a more developed right brain are more creative.

Improves test scores

Rote learning inherent in abacus trains math to become muscle memory, allowing problem solving to be automatic


Cultivates a drive to succeed

Different benchmarks in abacus learning gives children something to strive for in learning 


Improves Memory

  • Develops long-term memory

  • Makes short-term memory accessible 

  • Recognise that math is about patterns, relinquishing the need to memorise equations and formulas, freeing out brain space


Speed & competition fuels the passion for math

  • Math treated like a sport

  • Healthy competition and adrenaline results in excitement for math


Develops critical thinking skills

  • Abacus is taught through system knowledge

  • Focus on the process of analysing problems, thinking critically for a solution

  • This problem solving skill is naturally applied to fields outside of arithmetic, including language learning


Builds self-confidence and lessens anxiety

  • Small successes lead to a desire to complete more

  • Builds independence (feeling less nervous about a math test)



Active Engaged Learning

  • Hand movements of calculating cultivates a mind-body connection

  • Improves hand, eye, and brain coordination

Math Strategy of Decomposition

  • Breaks down math concepts into components

  • Easier for children to digest and absorb

  • Making learning more durable

Abacus is a Multi-sensory Tool

  • Allows children to equate physical objects to abstract thinking

  • Making math, an abstract concept, more accessible to younger children

  • Eliminates fear of large numbers, breaking the barrier to higher level thinking




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